RCM Follow-up

Account Receivable follow up is a most crucial aspect of revenue cycle management. Thorough knowledge of RCM, Allocation of right resource and implementing the best practice will enable correct reimbursement of claim and will enhance more revenue to our Clients. Our AR follow up experts analyse each claim, take necessary actions to resolve claim issues and track claim progress to obtained the correct reimbursement of the claim.


We provide the below RCM Follow-up services

  •   Insurance Calling
  •   Claim Status Checking
  •   Insurance Verification
  •   IVR Calling
  •   Statement Printing

Denial Management

Denial management is a critical component of revenue cycle management. We expertly handle rejected or denied claims, identifying reasons, appealing denials, and resolving issues . Our denial management services improve reimbursement rates, optimize revenue, and ensure financial stability for healthcare providers.


We provide the below Denial Management services

  •   Denial Analysis
  •   Claim Resubmission
  •   Disputes
  •   Aged AR Follow-up
  •   EDI Rejections

Medical Coding

Medical coding plays a vital role in accurate billing and reimbursement. Our expert coders provide high quality and effective medical coding solutions.Our expert coders assigns standardized codes, after verifying the available documents and also assure that Local and Payor guidelines are followed.Our medical Coders upgrade themselves regularly on the coding updates.


Our coding services

  •   ICD 10
  •   CPT Coding
  •   Diagnosis Coding
  •   Coding Edits
  •   Coding Audit

Medical Billing

Medical billing is the key to revenue generation for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and physicians. Our Medical billers are experienced in reading printed and handwritten superbills, charge sheet and patient information source documents to capture all the required information to validate a claim. Our billing team is well experienced in all state specifics and ensure that they input accurate data in to the billing system resulting in maximum reimbursement collected at the first claim submission.


Our billing services

  •   Patient Demographics
  •   Charge Posting
  •   Payment/Cash Posting
  •   Claim submission
  •   Indexing

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